Sunday, 22 July 2012

Tina Konyot Equestrian Dressage Rider

Tina Konyot was born in 1924 in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia. Tina Konyot was an Equestrian Dressagge rider form Czechoslovakia. Tina Konyot is Joseph Berosini a renowned Czechoslovakia performer. Her mother Magdalene was also Czechoslovakian but did not come from a circus background. 
Tina Konyot began performing career at a very young age. Tina Konyot started training father on the wire at three. Tina Konyot genes are rare in the world of dressage, world-famous family of circus performers, coaches and high-wire performer and mother of dressage in the United States. Tina has five years of training in Europe, as well as some of the best. His return home was briefly listed in the Sydney Olympic team, in 2000. 
Once again in 2004 Athens games in different horses: Calecto V to 12 year-old Danish stallion returns II In 2009 the pair won the Grand Prix Freestyle CDI-W Equestrian Dressage at Devon. Tina, 48, has lived in Connecticut near the old whaling town of Mystic. Dressage riders are at the height of the horse world. And like all artists, we have to support us in a good horses great facilities and financial support that takes the work is done, says Tina. Articulate, knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated, has to be Tina Konyot the perfect qualification for the new standard-bearer at the age of dressage. 
She just needs to be some sports, says Olympic Judge Axel Steiner Fei: Tina was a natural rider with the ability to command the audience when to test, and the bonus is that his talents to teaching and training bring Tina Konyot the directions in the dressage world, not that many can claim that  She was more than the Rider-athletes, dancers, coaches and performers is Super Star Quality Olympic Equestrian Dressage Tickets are On Sale at Sport Ticket Exchange.

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