Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Classical Dressage

The teaching of a rider in the classical institution has been likening to an expedition through a legendary Dark Forest in search of a charmed fortress hidden in a payment in the institution. 

There are many incorrectly noticeable paths that beckon with promise of short cuts and simple routes. Some riders are appeal to to try excursion these alternative route only to find they lead nowhere and have to backpedal to the unique trail. 
The passage is not immediately one of knowledge to ride better it is one of self- detection. It forces the rider to obtain stockpile of who they are as an individual and for some that can be the hardest fraction of all. The haute ecole F. high school is a highly developed constituent of Classical dressage, is a highly refined set of ability hardly ever used in contests but often seen in expression presentation.

Most important haute ecole show’s teams:

Institution Name
Cadre Noir                                                                         

Spanish Riding School                                            

Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art     

Jerez de la Frontera     
Escola Portuguesa de Arte Equestre                               

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