Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Equestrian Dressage Teaching

Scribing also known as Penciling is the symbols downward of the points and remarks of Judges at dressage events so that the referee is talented to give attention to on the presentation. 

In adding together to this engrave should make sure the individuality of each contestants, and make sure that the test identification are complete and symbol before hand them to the final points.
 Inscribe should have some information of dressage techniques be smartly dressed and have legible handwriting. The scribe should also be professional in method, disinterested and not connect in small talk or make commentary. It is acceptable to use contractions make available they are conventional and comprehensible. Anybody can unpaid helper at a teaching show to engrave By the United States Dressage Federation. 
Training shows are not standard as official shows but are a great way to put into practice riding tests or to learn to inscribe for a judge. Once you have scribed at a teaching show and at the subordinate levels peoples may ask to join at a standard show and perhaps even the Federation Equestrian International levels of contests.

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