Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Imke Bartels in Equestrian Dressage Events

Imke Anne Marian Schellekens-Bartels was born March 15, 1977 in Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant. Imke Bartels is a horse of the Netherlands, who participated in the Summer Olympics of 2004 in Athens, Greece. Her mother Tineke was also dressage Player. 
Imke Bartels started on our Shetland pony, Sammy turn, and then with the local club with my pony mare Imke Bartels was lucky Bianca, a young Dutch rider dressage team in the race of Mexico and Allegretto, and we won the gold and silver at the European Championships team and I won two bronze medals, as a person. After high school, I spent the academic year with Kira in the fly to Sweden and then Kyrdlund Imke Bartels in the workshop studied Duerne horse in dressage and jumping. Imke Bartels was the first horse, and we are entitled to several Cup finals including Barbria. Then he got a ride on a great product and management Lancet. We won our first major international Grand Prix Indoor Brabant, CHIO Rotterdam and Hickstead. 
She takes part in the Olympic Games in Athens, where we finished the 11 individual and four teams. Lancet was sold by its owners in 2004 for the rider, Emma Hindle GB. In the horse, after a beautiful mare Hunter Douglas Sunrise and we won the Dutch national championship in 2006 and ranked fifth in the last World Cup on home soil in Amsterdam. At the World Championships in Aachen, we have won team silver and the Rise and respect I have had individually. Then in 2007 we were at the last World Championship in Las Vegas, which was a very interesting second. In 2007 we were in the gold medal team at the European Championships in Turin, Italy. We have also won two bronze medals in the individual Grand Prix and a special freestyle. In the spring of 2008 she was selected for the Olympic Games in Hong Kong with my teammates Anky van Grunsven and and Hans-Peter Minderhoud we won the silver medal. Unfortunately, I had to pass an individual test of Sunrise was injured during the ceremony, after the Grand Prix. In 2009 he left the team gold medal at the European Championship with his team of helpers on the Anki Salinero, Edward Gal on Totilas and Adelinde Cornelissen on Parzival. 
In the 2010 World Cup Final Hertogenbosch, she took a strong third place in the test Freestyle. In the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky Bartels Imke (U.S.) Hunter Douglas Sunrise and was a member of the Dutch national team gold medal. I also finished fourth in 82.10% of the individual freestyle and was fifth in the Grand Prix Special with 75.79%. At low levels of Imke Bartels tour, I compete with Hunter Douglas in the gelding Jazz Toots in 2000, Hunter Douglas Uno colt in jazz in 2001, and Hunter Douglas Tanirma De Niro mare in 2000, they will be my future the best horses.2012 London Olympic will witness Equestrian Dressage being contested at Greenwich Park from 2 August to 9 August 2012. Olympic Equestrian Dressage Tickets are On Sale at Sport Ticket Exchange.

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