Saturday, 23 June 2012

Melissa Beer in Equestrian Dressage

Melissa Beer was born in August 19, 1991. Melissa Beer School began when she was 9 years old when my grandmother of the late trip in a local riding school. Only 4 years later at age 13 first school pony rode on the importance of Being Ernest (Ernie) of the title before the primary. This started his career in dressage. 
After 15 years of age when he moves to a year before the horse King of Heaven (CK) in the hope that the rise in young people. He represents the European Athletics Junior Championships of Great Britain, 3 from 2007 to 2009. Search fantastic 10, 2007Europeans in Germany. In 2009, he began his international Grand Prix rider Sara Millis its base in Slinfold, West Sussex, millstones. He was successful in riding and training horses at all pleasant millstones. In 2009, he joined Sara Millis cappuccino hours (Leo) to travel. 
From the moment he begins to work with Sarah, they clicked immediately, and Leo, Leo was the first time, competed in the beginner level, and we are now 2 years later, in a competitive PSG. He made a great leap Junior Young Rider 2010th. In that year he was the reserve team of the young king's biker heaven. In 2010, we have also received a wildcard Young Riders Championship in Frankfurt (Germany). This will happen in 2-B-final. In 2010, he brought the colt cornerstone of (George), his breeder Suzanne lavender British Hanoverians. George has a great personality and great attitude to life in 2011. Melissa Leo beer competition in the PSG level and finished my journey five years, CK-1 level and Young Riders. 
Sarah can I come with all my CK in the body and mind completely changed. In 2011, we had a couple of people in the European Championship for Young Riders Broholm, Denmark. His team gets 20 international seasons. In 2012 he was hired to the King of heaven and Young Rider-horse young horse, George began his career in the competitive and continue to create Leo PSG level in 2012, he will be part of the BEF Excel-talent team, which supports the driver, as well as two camps the Off season. By 2012, he would like to thank the team and sponsors for their continued support; I hope that this is also a good year in his career.
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