Friday, 27 April 2012

Carl Gustaf Bonde in Olympic Equestrian Dressage

Carl Gustaf Bonde was born on 28 April 1872 in Sweden. Carl Gustaf Bonde was a Swedish horse rider who competed in the several Olympic Events like 1912 Summer Olympics and in the 1928 Summer Olympics. The equestrian program of five medals at the 1912 Summer Olympics events: 
Carl Gustaf Bonde
There were separate competitions in dressage, Eventing and show jumping. Team results will be collected and medals were awarded to teams with diversity Eventing and jumping competitions. The Olympic program since the 1900 Summer Olympics, the games in 1912 Participation was for the second time in the sport. He won the gold medal in individual dressage with his horse Emperor. 
He inherited the Tudor Palace Tjoloholm, Fjaras, Sweden. Sixteen years later he won the silver medal as a member of the Swedish national team. He also competed in the 1928 Olympic individual dressage with his horse and finished 19 Ingo. 13th June 1957.

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