Friday, 13 April 2012

Classical Dressage and Modern Dressage

Development of modern classical dressage school, but it exists today is a little different from the previous version. Competitive dressage is an international sport, the Olympic Games for beginners Unlike classical dressage is that the air above the ground, most horses do not perform well in the proper training may also be due to physical limits. 
Instead, concentrate on the competitive dressage movements such as piaffe and passage, half pass, the old pirouette and tempi changes.Theoretically, the principle of competitive dressage, as well as classical dressage But criticism is a tendency for some drivers at all levels for the "rapid reinforcement of the false teaching that makes the horse with the right, but neglect the basics: traditional teaching methods, such as riders criticism by claiming that they are not with bio-mechanically correct movement, the painful the horse-and long-term physical damage caught the driver for the display of power, how they move, size, and should be directed to perform certain movements. 
Despite these modern methods, such as the controversial deployment of the technology, it can be excellent pets. Increment of classical dressage, that such training is not correct and even violence. It also says some of that competition is not always made the right dressage horse and rider rewarding, especially in the lower level, for example, some drivers who do not ask her classical training to maintain interest in the horse's head, almost as if he started the first course, which is aimed at lower levels of dressage is the place to be punished, because the horse is a little bit. For drivers who may take the form of a classic that was not agreed and said that if the horse is not ready for that competition is not ready to sketch his journey and that is why the horse is marked down. 
To meet the highest form of classical dressage riding and dressage and high school of Haute Ecole, take years, both on horseback and she sat. If the horse has progressed in his training, it can not only collect the Grand Prix dressage movements and spacious corridors, and piaffe, but may include some of the above-mentioned certain airs on the ground," although trained as a rule, only one horses in the air, and only if, in the situation.

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