Friday, 20 April 2012

Talent of Horse and Olympic Equestrian

A collection of classical dressage and natural resources as possible deception in the horse and its movement in the city In fact, it is the goal, the most modern concepts of dressage saddle on the degree of athleticism and grace, which is, of course, they are free. 
Horses, of course, use the concept of collecting, playing, fighting, courting, and competing with each other. When trying to impress the other horses would not look bigger, like other animals. You can do it in the right side, neck lifts, and make it more bend in the survey, while at the same time adapt their gaits to emphasize more movement. 
As the fight, a horse is not collected, because the bank can produce lightning fast response to the draft, breeding and spinning, hitting the front legs, bucking and Levon. It is a natural ability to collect from each horse in the race, and probably inspired early trainers, as well as the behavior under controlled conditions to reproduce. 
This point is also the reason why, according to most classical dressage trainer, each healthy horse, regardless of their race, the movements of classical dressage, including, Haute Ecole jumps or broadcast over the soil, even if they can be achieved is slightly different from the ideal to build your body.

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